June 13, 2024
Best English Newspaper In India For Students 2021

Top 15 English Newspaper In India For Students 2024 | Best English Newspaper For Students By Expert

Best English newspaper in India: We have found that the media is completely busy showing politics on their channels and we are unable to get the relevant information. That’s why today we are providing complete information for the best English Newspaper In India For Students in 2024.

Students are preparing for their exams and that’s why they need to study the newspaper daily. English Newspapers are the best choice for them because they provide complete knowledge and information, which will be very helpful for all the students.

Best English Newspaper In India For Students 2024 :-

1. The Hindu:-

The Hindu is a very old newspaper that will provide complete coverage of Indian and Foreign politics. It will be quite helpful for students for their competitive exams because of its depth coverage. More than 1600 workers are working with them.

The best thing about this newspaper is that they don’t post any religious content in its papers. The paper has very few ads so more information can be provided. If you want to improve your vocab then this is the best newspaper that has tough words in its article and they don’t cover any Bollywood news in its paper.


2. The Tribune:-

The Tribune is also a very old newspaper and one of the best English newspapers available in India. This newspaper is especially published in Dehradun, Bhatinda, New Delhi, and Chandigarh.

This English Newspaper has a lot of information related to current topics. This Newspaper will be a good choice for beginners who want to read English newspapers in a simple language.

3. The Telegraph:-

The Telegraph is a very old newspaper which is distributed in the Eastern States of our country. This newspaper was launched in 1982 in Kolkata. It gained huge popularity and earned goodwill in its starting time due to its unique and unbiased content.

This newspaper will be very helpful for the students for their competitive exams because it covers almost all sections. This newspaper contains news on Sports, Politics, Entertainment, and various other categories

4. The Economic Times:-

The Economic Times was the largest-selling English newspaper in India at some time. This newspaper comes from the Times group and this newspaper is especially for business people. It contains all the latest business news from all over the world.

This newspaper has all the information related to the stock market, financial condition, commodities, economy, and various other things related to the business. This newspaper has more than 8 lakh subscribers.

5. The Indian Express:-

The next best English Newspaper is The Indian Express, which is now named New Indian Express. This is one of the oldest newspapers circulated in India. This newspaper is especially circulated in the Southern side of India and has huge popularity all over the country.

This newspaper covers almost all sections and has a huge content it. There is also an Entertainment magazine, which prints once a week. This is the perfect newspaper that wants to cover all the news related to different topics.

6. The Statesman:-

The Statesman is considered the oldest newspaper in India. It was launched in 1875 in Kolkata and is now distributed in the whole country. It is selling almost 2 lakh copies daily to different areas of our country.

The main advantage of this newspaper is that it also covers the news all around the world. So for those who want to know the foreign conditions, this is the perfect newspaper for them. It is a very reputable newspaper and users can trust them easily because it is a part of Asia News Network.

7. Hindustan Times:-

This is the most popular newspaper if we talk about English newspapers. It was started in 1925 in Delhi. The main motive of this newspaper was to fight against the British in their language. This newspaper was started in Delhi but slowly, it has covered the entire country.

At present, 1 million copies of this newspaper are sold daily. It covers almost all the latest and trending news. We have seen, that most tutors are recommending this newspaper because of its highlights. It is a perfect and the best newspaper for IAS aspirants.

8. The Times Of India:-

The Times of India is the oldest newspaper available in India. It was started in 1838 with the name Bombay Time of Mumbai but its popularity was increasing day by day and that’s why now it is circulated all over India. The main head office of this newspaper is in Mumbai.

At present, this newspaper is circulated 3 million copies daily, which is the most by any English newspaper. It will be very helpful for the students to learn vocab and take command of that. This is also considered the best online English newspaper for students for their competitive exams.

9. The Asian Age:-

The Asian Age is considered the most valuable English newspaper in our country. This newspaper was started in 1945 and got huge popularity in very little time. The main reason for the popularity of this newspaper is that this is the only newspaper showing International Edition.

This newspaper started in some states but then it started flowing in Kolkata, Mumbai, and New Delhi. This newspaper has sold almost 1 million copies daily and the main reason is its International Edition.

10. The Deccan Chronicle:-

The Deccan Chronicle is a great newspaper, which has a lot of readers. This newspaper’s name comes from its origination, which is from the Deccan side. The main states in which this newspaper is circulated are Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and some more states.

This newspaper was launched in 1938 in Andhra Pradesh and this paper is especially circulated in the southern side of our country. There are more than 1 million copies sold daily in this newspaper.

11. Business Standard:-

Business Standard newspaper covers all the news of the financial market and economy. This newspaper was started by the Patrika group but now it is handed over to Kotak Mahindra Bank. Users will get all the news related to business and economic crises.

This newspaper has maintained the cleanliness of its paper so that users can get the information easily. This newspaper is circulated in 12 states in our country. The main news in this paper will be related to the financial market, and economy, and some information that is related to the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

12. Deccan Herald:-

Deccan Herald is a very old newspaper, which was started in 1948 just after Independence from the British people. This is considered one of the best English newspapers in India.

The newspaper was especially circulating in the southern side of our country because most of the people from that side like to read English news. This newspaper has a circulation of millions every day. After some time in 2011, this newspaper came out of Karnataka state and they also started their office in Delhi.

13. Daily News and Analysis:-

Daily News and Analysis is not as old a newspaper as other newspapers. It was launched in July 2005 and gained huge popularity in a short period. The main reason for the popularity of this newspaper is that this newspaper has a target to attract the youth.

Youth and young people are reading this newspaper because there is a lot of important information and knowledge provided in this newspaper. So we can also tell that this newspaper will be very helpful in exams.

14. Live Mint:-

Live Mint is a popular newspaper, which was started in India in 2007. It is run by the HT media group in Delhi. This newspaper contains all the latest news and information about business and the economy. Users will get complete information about the position of our economy.

All the news is presented in a very good manner. The best thing about this newspaper is that it comes with a comparison with previous data and for more understanding, it shows all the graphs for the user’s convenience. In short, we can say that it is a complete business newspaper.

15. Mumbai Mirror:-

Mumbai Mirror is considered one of the best newspapers in Mumbai because of its amazing highlights and true news. The published updates all types of news in different categories so that users can read the article that they want.

The newspaper has various sections and that’s why they have an amazing readership all over Mumbai. This newspaper is distributed throughout the whole of Mumbai and is always updated with the latest and breaking news.


So these are the best Newspapers in India for Students in April 2024. We have given all the information about the best English newspaper in India, now students can easily define which paper is best for them in their upcoming competitive exams. We hope that this information is helpful to you.

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