June 8, 2024
Best Hindi Newspapers in Mumbai

Best Hindi Newspapers In Mumbai 2024 | Top Hindi Newspapers In Mumbai

Best Hindi Newspapers in Mumbai 2024- Mumbai is a city of dreams, where the population is quite enough and that’s why the readership of the newspaper is also enough. There are various newspapers circulated in Mumbai but we know we didn’t like all newspapers because of irrelevant content.

It is quite necessary to know the best Hindi Newspapers in Mumbai so that we can choose the best one and read them. That’s why today in this article, we are providing you the complete information on the best Hindi Newspapers in Mumbai.

Best Hindi Newspaper in Mumbai 2024

1. “Mid Day” Hindi Newspaper:- 

Mid Day is very popular and one of the best newspapers in Mumbai. This newspaper is published by Jagaran Prakashan Limited.

This newspaper was started in 1979 and it got huge popularity in its starting time. In the beginning, they were publishing 2 times a day, the morning and the evening shift. But after some time, they started focusing on morning newspapers.

There were both reactions, positive and negative to this newspaper but still, it was getting huge popularity. Daily 5,00,000 copies are circulating in Mumbai, which is a great achievement for the publishers.

2. Tehelka Newspaper:- 

Tehelka News is a very popular and emerging newsgroup in Mumbai that is circulating the news Magazine in different languages so that they can be able to reach more people and express what they want to say in their news. If we talk only about information then this is the best newsgroup in Mumbai.

It is the fastest-growing news magazine, and the main reason for its popularity is that they are writing about Fighting India against corruption, which is highly influencing the people with their news.

3. Navabharat Times:- 

Navabharat Times is a very old newspaper, which is especially published in Mumbai and Delhi. There is a readership of more than 6.7 lakhs daily for this newspaper. It was established in 1949 and gained huge popularity in its starting and its success continues.

In this newspaper, users will get all the news and current happening in our country. They are also publishing some popular magazines like Femina and Film-fare. This newspaper is published by Bennett, Coleman, and Company Limited.

4. Yashobhumi:- 

Yashobhumi is a great newspaper published in Mumbai. It is one of the fastest-growing Hindi newspapers in Mumbai and has amazing sales in Mumbai and Pune. It was launched in 1996 and got huge popularity a very few times.

This newspaper has more readability for those people who talk in Hindi. Users will get all the latest news in this newspaper of different categories like Sports, Entertainment, Technology, and much more news. That’s why this newspaper has some popularity in the city.

5. Saamana:- 

Saamna is a Hindi and Marathi newspaper, which is published in Mumbai. This is a very exciting newspaper where users will get to read all the latest and hot topics in the newspaper.

The main thing that a user should know about this newspaper is that this newspaper is run by Shiv Sena and that’s why there is some amazing news that a reader will get from this newspaper.

This is a very big highlight and its reason is they talk very openly in this newspaper. Users will also get to read the comments of the politicians, which is always a highlight. So if you want to read some amazing news then you can go with this newspaper.


So these are the best Hindi Newspapers in Mumbai 2024. We have given the details of the best newspapers so that users can decide which newspaper is best for them. In all of these newspapers, users will get to read some spice about the city and the country. So if a user wants to read a Hindi newspaper in Mumbai then they can choose from these newspapers. Still, if you have any doubts, then you can ask us in the comment section.

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